Germany's unique Tequila & Gin Festival
is going to 3 citys in 2019

Welcome to Germany's unique Tequila & Gin Festivals. We are happy you found your way to our homepage. 2017 we started our journey with our first festival in Berlin. Because of the positive feedback we decided 2018 to expand and also organized a festival in Heidelberg. Both festivals had over 20 exhibitors and over 1200 guests. 2019 we expand even more: With Mainz we will have three citys and also we will add another spirit: Tequila!
Our concept is easy and unique. By choosing special locations and inviting great exhibitors, we create an relaxed atmosphere, where our guests can have a talk with the experts and learn about the different spritis. We want our guests to forget about their every day life and dive into the world of our exiting spirits.

Mainz unique Gin Festival


unique Gin Festival


Heidelberg's unique Gin Festival

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Germany's unique Tequila & Gin Festivals

The last two years we evolved to one of the best and unique Festival. 2019 we also open our doors for Tequila enthusiasts.


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